User manual

Most interaction with the plugin happens through the main window, the “BIM-Tools menu”.

Main window

At the top of the window there are buttons for the most basic actions

BIM-Tools button Close window.

Toggle Geometry button Toggle between source-faces and BIM-geometry.

Clear Remove BIM-geometry and all associated data. Only keep the original faces.

Below are the different menu sections

Some sections expand automatically based on the current selection.

Entity Info button Entity Info: View and change properties of selected BIM-objects. Usage is similar to the main SketchUp “Entity Info”-window.

Create walls from edges button Create walls from edges: Expands when the current selection contains “edges”. Places vertical walls on top of the edges.

Create thick faces button Create thick faces: Expands when the current selection contains “faces”. Converts the selected faces into building objects.

Edit project properties button Edit project properties: Here you can enter the project-name, description etc. Mainly for usage with IFC-export.

IFC-export button Export to IFC: Creates an IFC-file containing the building elements in the same folder as the SketchUp file.

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