BIM-Tools SketchUp Extension

The goal of this project is to create a building modeller plugin for SketchUp with a real sketchup-like workflow(not a revit clone) that can interact with all kinds of other BIM tools through the IFC file format.

I feel the best way to stay in the sketchup-workflow is to just use sketchup-faces for defining as many building parts as possible. Most building parts like walls and floors can be perfectly represented by a face with thickness!

That’s just what you can do with it.

Draw a basic building design like you normally would using the normal sketchup tools, and “upgrade” the faces to “thick” building elements.
Then if needed you can export your model as an IFC-file.

One comment on “BIM-Tools SketchUp Extension
  1. Franz Madl says:

    Eine Frage – wird das Tool weiter entwickelt?

    F. Madl

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