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Accelerating BIM workshop

I got the chance to tell something about my Sketchup plugins at the “Accelerating BIM workshop” yesterday at the TU/e. It has been a very interesting afternoon, my head is bouncing with ideas! For anyone interested in the models

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BIM-Tools for Sketchup demo video

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New menu + inches complete

The new menu based on SKUI is finally complete! A little more testing and then it’s time to release a new version, that takes inches as input units(next to the good old metric system)! 😀

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Rebuilding the menu

I have updated BIM-Tools to also accept values in inches. Yeah!(almost) There is one problem that I still need to solve, the old menu does not properly recognize fractions in imperial unit’s, so all values get rounded up to full

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BIM-Tools for SketchUp 2015!

Version 0.12.4 released. Now support for Sketchup 2014 and 2015. Please let me know if you encounter any problems. I’m currently working on support for inches!

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